NEB boys win 50th straight, coach Murphy earns 200th career win.

By: The Review | Towanda Daily Review | September 20, 2017


ROME — It was closer than they are used to, but the Northeast Bradford boys' cross-country team earned two NTL milestones in their sweep of Wellsboro and Troy Tuesday.

The Panthers won their 50th straight NTL dual meet and head coach Michael Murphy won his 200th career league meet race.

"I lost a lot of sleep last night for the 50 wins for the boys," Michael Murphy remarked. "I knew eventually I would get to 200, but for 50 you don't have another shot at it. That was big. I know Wellsboro looked pretty good, so we wanted to make sure we got it done today."

The Panther pack was strong under the hot sun, taking five of the top 10 spots on the day en route to their 23-35 win over Troy and 21-38 win over Wellsboro. Troy topped Wellsboro 24-34.

The winner of the race was Troy freshman Owen Williams, who pulled away from the pack halfway through for a winning time of 17:55.

NEB took the next two spots with Zak Smith (18:27) and Destin Moore (18:36). Troy's Kale Weidner (18:46) was fourth while Panther Nate Mosier (18:50) hung on to round out the top five.

Wellsboro took the next three spots with Aidan Perry (19:02), Connor Brought (19:04) and Burgen Weiner (19:08) followed by NEB's Dale Brown (19:18) and Tyler Devonshire (19:34) to round out the top 10.

Panther Aaron Boss (19:39) was 11th with Troy taking the next four spots: Aaron Manley (19:53), Jacob Brown (20:06), Robert Rogers (20:10) and Zane Longwell (20:13).

On the girls' side, Troy took seven of the top 10 spots to get the sweep while NEB's Karli Moyer (22:24) won the race.

Four Troy runners rounded out the top five: McKenzi Bellinger (23:29), Courtney Case (23:43), Madisyn Baxter (23:47) and Brooke Hinman (23:58).

Wellsboro's Anna Bleggi (24:24) was sixth, Troy's Madeline DeLosa (24:33) was seventh, NEB's Megan Allabaugh (24:58) took eighth, Troy's Abby Lewis (25:09) was ninth and teammate Brook Loveland (25:17) was 10th.

Wellsboro's Kylie Butler (25:19) was 11th followed by Troy's Katherine Polakowski (25:28) and Jodie Weidner (25:42). NEB's Kara Doane (25:47) was 14th and Trojan Hailey Buck (25:52) took 15th.

For the team, Troy beat NEB 20-41 and Wellsboro 16-47 while the Hornets edged the Panthers 27-28.

In Junior high action, Troy's Ty Barrett (11:09) won the boys' race while NEB's Emma Moyer (12:13) took the girls' race. Troy boys beat NEB 20-35 while the Lady Trojans topped the Panthers 23-30.

BOYS: Wyalusing 26, NP-Mansfield 29; NP-Mansfield 22, Canton 35; Wyalusing 22, Canton 34

GIRLS: NP-Mansfield 27, Wyalusing 29; NP-Mansfield 24, Canton 34; Wyalusing 23, Canton 32

The Wyalusing boys stayed unbeaten in NTL cross-country action Tuesday as they went 1-2 in the race.

Kevin Heeman (17:28) and Alex Patton (17:34) led the Rams while NP-Mansfield's Blake Nelson (17:41) was third.

Canton's Mak Gleckner (18:42) was fourth while Wyalusing's Logan Newton (18:42) rounded out the top five.

NP-Mansfield's Roger Learn (19:49) and Sam Shedden (19:59) were sixth and seventh, Canton's Josiah Gleckner (20:17) was eighth, NP-Mansfield's Grant Gee (20:20) was ninth and Canton's Joel Schoonover (20:31) took 10th.

NP-Mansfield's Dan Giantisco (20:39) was 11th with Wyalusing's Luke Auer (20:40) and Matt McClelland (20:58) taking 12th and 13th, Canton's Chance Deljanovan (21:16) was 14th and NP-Mansfield's Seth Nelson (21:29) was 15th.

In a close one on the girls' side, NP-Mansfield took two of the top four spots and had all five runners in the top 11.

Wyalusing's Hannah Corson (20:28) won the race followed by NP-Mansfield's Lauren Ensminger (21:53). Wyalusing's Catherine Brown (22:43) was third, NP-Mansfield's Emma Harris (22:53) was fourth and Canton's Josie Kelley (23:29) finished fifth.

Canton's Tamara Hess (23:57) was sixth, Wyalusing's Carina Beebe (24:26) was seventh, Canton's Emily Landis (24:54) was eighth with NP-Mansfield's Carmen Bates (25:03), Shelby Alexander (25:13) and Matthea Mitchell (25:14) finished ninth through 11th.

Wyalusing's Cassie Caccia (25:26) was 12th, NP-Mansfield's Courtney Weiskopff (25:37) took 13th, Wyalusing's Sierra Allen (27:01) was 14th and Canton's Emma Bly (27:10) finished 15th.

BOYS: CV 22, Towanda 33; CV 21, Athens 34; Athens 24, Towanda 31

GIRLS: Athens 24, CV 31; Athens 15, Towanda 50; CV 15, Towanda 50

Madden Doud won the boys' race as he led the Indians to the league win.

Towanda's Kaigan Stroop (18:53) was second while Athens' T.J. Toscano (19:07) took third.

Rounding out the top five are CV's George Reynolds (19:25) and Towanda's Chase Dibble (19:56.43) with CV's Christopher Harris (19:56.67) sixth.

Athens' Tivon Ligouri (20:22) was seventh, CV's Andrew Gatewood (20:29) and Seth Neal (20:34) were eighth and ninth and Athens' Sean Waltman (20:52) took 10th.

CV took the next three spots with Joe Easton (21:22), Ben Anderson (21:25) and Myka Loucks (21:35) while Athens rounded out the top 15 with Satchel Manchester (21:39.69) and Mason Henderson (21:39.85).

On the girls' side, CV's Jules Jones won the race in 20:54 with Athens taking the next three spots: Emily Arnold (23:32), Selkie Bishop (24:34) and Caitlyn Powell (24:45).

Towanda's Cheyenne Brown (25:04) rounded out the top five.

Athens' Sophie Adams (25:20) was sixth followed by four CV runners: Lilli Hepfer (26:11), Claire Miller (26:24), Charly Slusser (27:09) and Amber Farman (28:03) to round out the top 10.

"We have a nice pack working together in the meets that really has been working well for the team," said Athens girls coach Scott Riley.

BOYS: Waverly 35, SVEC 40, Tioga 47

GIRLS: Waverly 21, SVEC 43, Tioga 92

Tioga's Ezra Steele (16:37.6) won the boys' race while Waverly had four in the top 10.

Collin Wright (17:17.6), Dylan Ward (18:38.1) and Jayden Rose (18:55.6) finished fourth through sixth while Brandon Bubniack (19:07.9) was eighth.

Tioga's Evan Hubbard (19:32.6) and Ty Middendorf (19:33.7) were ninth and 10th with Waverly's Mike LaRock (20:14.7) in 12th.

Tioga's Brayden Vargason (20:56.6) and Lucas Nichols (21:06.2) were 13th and 14th.

On the girls' side, Waverly took eight of the top 10 spots, led by Brandi Welch (20:34.2) in second.

Sidney Tomasso (20:38.4), Olivia Nittinger (20:49.2) and Elizabeth Fritzen (21:10.6) rounded out the top five.

Paige Ackley (21:58.1), Sheridan Talada (21:54.4), Reagan Vaughn (22:20.3) and Zayta Hall (23:28.6) were sixth through 10th.

Faith Burrowes (26:08.7) was the top Tioga runner in 15th.

SVEC's Alicia Long (20:10) won the race.

In junior high action, Waverly's Nate Ackley (9:07.4) was the boys' winner and SVEC's Mya Marsh (11:15.1) won the girls' race.

BOYS: Sullivan County 15, Sayre 50

GIRLS: Sayre 15, Sullivan County 50

The Griffins took the top two spots in the boys' race with Jake Doyle (20:58) and Omar Rubio (21:30).

Sayre's Joshua McClelland (21:38) was third followed by three Griffin runners: Nate Higley (22:03), Herm Harney (22:52) and Chris Walsh (22:56).

Sayre's Caleb McClelland (23:56) and Logan Goudreau (25:04) were seventh and eighth while Sullivan's Ethan Walker (25:17) was ninth.

On the girls' side, Sayre's Carrie Claypool (25:57) won followed by teammates Kayla Hughey (28:39) and Kattie Winge (29:30) in the top three.

Sullivan's Macrina Pochatko (30:35) was fourth with Sayre's Madison Rombarger (34:28) and Natalia Hill (34:28) fifth and sixth.

Notre Dame at Trumansburg

Notre Dame ran against Trumansburg, Marathon, Groton and Lansing on Tuesday.

Steven Segal (13:45) took second and ran a personal best 4,000-meter time. Steven Gough (16:55) was 17th.

Piper Young (17:48) was fourth in the girls' race while Claire Kubinski (17:56) finished fifth. Leah DeFilippo (19:42) was 18th.

"The kids keep improving, week after week," said Notre Dame head coach Chris Wise. "They keep hitting the individual goals we set and are making great improvement. Steven Segal again had another very good race for us. Piper and Claire have been working hard together in practice and they are proving themselves to be a great one-two combination."

Notre Dame will be in action again Saturday at the LeRoy Invitational.